Our company



Our company is an independent professional company ,founded in 2007 in order to participate in the developing of oil and energy sector in addition to industrial and construction sector in Iraq by bringing many international companies to work in Iraq , which will contributes to provide great opportunities for training Iraqi cadres which appreciably raise the commercial and industrial level in Iraq . Our company classified as an excellent according to the classification of Iraqi companies , also It has an office in Basra city besides the main office in Baghdad .Our company now has specialized sections in the field of construction & development projects as well as in various industrial projects related to energy . We have also a department of engineering consultancy .



Suppling ministries & several offices


Our company has done during several years many projects for several Iraqi ministries , like oil ministry , electric ministry , industry and minerals ministry , housing and construction ministry and ministry of health , also municipality ..... Also our company has processed many equipments and devices , valves , counters , laminated tubes , un coated pipes , scrapers in various sizes and a lot quantities of pumps with various sizes .


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