Mission & Vision

Our long experience in energy and trade sector make us plan to be one of the leading companies in the field of energy and trade in Iraq , We also strongly aspire to participate in the development of oil sector and industrial in Iraq by inviting big international companies to work in Iraq , Polarization international experiences , our careful that all devices and equipments are from famous and known sources. So according to this vision our mission will be :  Manage and follow up all administrative steps of companies contracts related to the purchase of crude oil,olso fuel oil . Participating in tenders for suppling Iraq with oil derivatives . Participating in tenders & contracts for the oil ministry & preparation oil companies with by devices & various equipments . Conclusion of contracts of logistic support for companies which contracting with oil ministry . Helping companies to enter into contracts for rehabilitation of production capacity & oil refineries . Participating companies in contracts of drilling of oil wells . Support companies to participate in electric and industry ministries contracts . Finally representing international companies in Iraq which contributes to the introduction of modern technologies into Iraq .

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